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Interesting betta at LFS


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So I visited my favourite fish shop today, and noticed this interesting looking lil guy... They don't normally get dragons, but it looks pretty dragony... He's a bit sad though, they said they were gonna put him out the back to get healthier... But I wanted to take him home! I couldn't get a look at his fins unfortunately, so I don't even know what kind he has, but it looks kinda yellow?


So, what would you say he is? A white metallic, or maybe a dragon? He has a pretty full mask, almost up to his mouth... I'm probably going back there tomorrow, they have actually ordered some dragons which should be in by then too!

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I hate to be horrible, but if he's "going out the back to get better" .....listen for a flushing sound.

He has his fins very dramatically clamped and I would suggest he's got serious fin melt.

Yes, lovely - dragon coverage (possibly thick metallic or dragon) but I would tip the water is too cold (yes I see a heater too, is it at 26? is it turned on?)

Make sure you're buying healthy fish - and this means that the LFS bring in healthy animals, and know how to keep them healthy (there's no point buying a problem)

He must has mustard/black colouring - which is very dramatic to look at.

If he were well, he'd be a nice fish - his swim bladder looks bloated also... can he swim straight?

*shrug* you can go down the "rescue" path if you want (I wouldn't)

but just know that every purchase you make from a LFS that are irresponsible and can't keep healthy animals - is inspiring them to buy more and perpetuate the issue.



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I've taken pity on a few half-dead bettas in the past and it's been amazing the change that simple things like clean, warm water can cause. At a certain aquarium I used to frequent, they had a shelf for 'damaged' HM bettas. Essentially that was where fish went to die. I think I was the only one that would get my bettas from there. Some of them were in atrocious condition but everyone perked up almost immediately on being put into a proper aquarium.

He is probably stressed, and depending on the set-up and the store could be suffering the effects from cold or ammonia toxicity. It looks like the males are in full view of each other and for some males that can be incredibly stressful in itself.

I think if you really want him, go talk to the staff members or manager and see if you can't get him. It saves them the trouble of having to figure out what to do with him and there is nothing worse than leaving behind the fish you really want only to regret it later.

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Well I do trust this store, they quarantine fish themselves, have good water, and all the other bettas there were in good condition and active. Though that could also mean he really is sick and just new water may not do much to help... I do plan on going back to the store tomorrow anyway, I'll see if his condition has improved or not... But I won't get my hopes up

thanks for the replies!

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