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Betta mansion


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This is my 1st attempt at a planted aquarium. After seeing a betta community, 15 or so individuals grown up together and seeming to live in harmony as adults.

We decide to get a tank and give it a go. The plan changed as it happens and the tank is occupied with Neon tetras.

Its now 2 weeks in and things are going well.

It holds a 100litres with fluorite and measures 60cm x 45cm x 45cm. Lighting is provided by 2 20w T8 power glo-bulbs. It has a low tech CO2 system that uses Citric acid and Baking soda which seems to be very stable. I am slowly adding a daily minimal amount of fert`s .

The foreground is planted out with Glossostigma and African Fern(bolbitis). Next is Java moss , anubias nana and the entire back wall is planted out with various types of java fern, making a lovely backdrop for the 270degree views of the tank. Stocking is a group of Neon Tetra`s.

What is the time line for the glossostigma to start showing above ground growth? My biggest fear at the moment is expected algae growth

Thanking you in advance for your responses.



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It looks really sweet - will you stick with the neons (I love them) love it!

The glosso shouldn't take long - but it's a "how long is a piece of string" question.

Keep the lighting down to 6 hours if you can to avoid the algae bloom.


Double the distance from the middle to the end.

I will endeavour to keep it from growing in the sand. Thanks for the lighting advice.

Yes I know the irony of not having any bettas in the betta mansion. But in life you dont always find models in the model house.

A friend wants me to rehome his beautiful solitary Red Map discus.

Thought this would look quite good.

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