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Gday From Moe, Victoria


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Gday Everyone, and thankyou for having us in group.

our names are graham 23 and mags 22 and we have been keeping fish for about 5-6years now and are finally getting into breeding and to my amazment i have come back to bettas after loosing my first betta 10 years ago. and swearing ill never get back into them again.

Currently in our small 1br flat we have:

3ft 125L with: 2 Lombardoi and 5 Hongi

4ft 152L with: 2 20cm Oscars and 1x 30cm ghostkknife and 15cm lombardoi male

2.ft 52L With: 1 Jaguar and 1 barramundi

2ft 43L with: 2 Veiltail males (in barraks) 1 shortfinned male (barracks) 6 Female Fighters, 4 Neon tetras and

4 XBreed guppies

25L: 20+ Guppy and 30 Redcherryshrimp + 2 5cm albino Bn

38L: 4 Brevis, 4 Bengas(3cm), 1 silver dollar, 2x common bn,5 khuli loaches, 4 leopard danios

2ft growout: 20 Lionheads 14 Lombardoi

160L Corner Tank: 4 Hongi, 3 frontosa, 1 pindani, 5 venustus (growing)

ar850: 5 red empress 5 elec blues 3 fuelborni 1 super green texas, 1 silver saum/green terror, 3 elongatus, 4 lionheads.

3x 1fts betta spawning

10x 1L betta tanks

But as i said its a 1br flat so as soon as we move or i get some teirs there will be heaps more comming

cheers graham and mags

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Hi Graham and mags my name is Shane and I live in morwell. I have just started keeping fish again after about 5 years, I currently have 9 guppies 4 bettas and I've just purchased 2 oscars which are my first fish bigger than a betta. I read ur introduction as was blown away by the amount and variety of fish u have. I'm sending u a message because I seen u hav a couple of oscars and any advice I can get on Taking care of oscars will be a real advantage for me. I added u as a friend in here and it seems it just added u if that is not ok I apologise.

I also noticed u breed guppies and I'm very interested in doing the same I hav bred bettas successfully in the past and was wondering if uncoils steer me in the right direction to get some good breeding stock as ATM I have purchased my guppies from lfs and would like to get some better quality fish to breed with.



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