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Introduction & WTB Grindal Worm culture


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Hi there,

I have been browsing these forums for a while but never needed write access until now. Looking for a grindal worm startup culture.

I'm from Brisbane and recently got into fighting fish - such amazing creatures with their own individual personalities.

Anyways, I currently have 2 of these guys housed in custom DIY tanks made by me.

This was my first creation. Gumball machine inspired. About 12 litres in the bowl. Extra water volume in sump hidden inside stand and is where the heating and filtration happens.


My other is a water feature style tank. Tank holds about 18L. Heating and filtration happens behind the 'rock wall'.


Pic of my halfmoon - not the best pic.. he moves around too much.


Anyways, looking for some gindal worm culture to mix up their diet.



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Do you post on bettafish.com? I swear I saw someone post about a gumball machine betta bowl on there. It looks great though. Nice to see a betta in a decent sized and nicely decorated bowl.

As to grindal worms, if you can't find any members selling them, sometimes someone of Fishchicks has soil-less grindal worms for sale.

However, you might try white worms instead. They are easily cultured (mine are in peat moss mixed with shell grit) and are much bigger than grindals, which are usually used for fry and juveniles.

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