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Hi Everyone


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and would like to tell you a bit about me and my setups. I've been keeping fish for around years now and have moved into breeding - specifically Malawi cichlids. I have 10 aquariums description as follows:

6x2x2foot - has a mixture of Angelfish, Murray River Rainbowfish, bristlenose catfish and freshwater shrimp. Plants are java moss, java fern, various types of anubias and crypts. 1-2mm sand substrate. Various driftwood and pots. (soon adding clown loaches after they are finished in quarantine).

4x2x2foot - breeding colonys of P. demasoni and Electric yellow cichlids. No plants just HEAPS of Womera rock and lava rocks. Crush coral substrate.

4x1x1foot - One Marron (large freshwater crayfish) and heaps of shrimp. Sand/crushed coral substrate.

3x1x1foot - Two Yabbies. Sand/crushed coral substrate. Pots and lots of pvc pipes and small stones (they enjoy pushing them around the aquarium).

The rest are all breeding setups and quarantine.

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