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Hi All :-)

I am totally new to the game of breeding bettas. I just bought a breeding pair. I live near Perth WA and own a small pet shop and thought as it is impossible to find a supplier of bettas here in WA I might try my luck and breed them myself. But mainly, I think it will be a nice hobby as these fish are soooo beautiful.

I will need lots of help. Where can I source life food for the first few weeks after young one hatch?? Please can someone from WA help me with that, also where can I get the leaves from?

Cheers Gaby

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Welcome to the forum! I know there are a couple of people on here from WA.

Read lots! Use the search button and browse through the forums (especially 'The Gene Pool') for spawn logs and people's successes.

Ask questions, we're all happy to answer and share as much of our knowledge as we can! :D

Welcome to the hobby! It truly is awesome!

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