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New babies

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OK so i got all excited and bought two more females.

Then with all the guppie issues bf had pointed out a blue vt he liked the last visit, so i went back and got that for him

went down to the next town and got my refund on the dodgy guppies, and went to another store and found a white and red double tail male ^_^

ok the girls. ones actually a male >.< not what i wanted or needed hes chasing the 7 girls around. The girl she settled in ok (Despite the man chasing her, but he seems obsessed with Eos lol)

BFS male (Poseidon) aka Bluey :rolleyes: is just your plain old vt hes very laid back but tries to show Vin up.

Helios (double tail) has a little damage to the upper tail but TLC should fix that.






cant get pics of the other two (girl and boy) too fast >.<

Today i also was given 4 x 4 litre tanks, left over betta food and 4 IAL

I was also given a 4 foot long, bit over 1 foot deep and roughly 20-25 cm high (no lids at present needs a crack on the back fixed and new filter media and pumps.it has a built in filter bay right along the back, and 14 bays.

correct diamentions to come tomorrow when bfs sober enough to find his tape measure :giggle: :giggle:

I set up a stand for some of these tanks (cause my dining room and kitchens running out of room lol)

GUPPY ISSUE UPDATE: found another dead female in the QT tank (she had been looking like death warmed up today and yesterday) she had red spotting on the belly/sides

a hole in her underside had a funny look to it so i squeezed it gently and ended up delivering 12 still born babies only a few days off being born ;(


Helios is in a qt/ 4 litre tank beside the 6 bay looking interested in everything ^_^ (gravel and some plants)

"Athena" aka the male..... is in another 4 litre tank bare on the set up stand, i dont know what I'll do with him just yet hes thrown my ratio out was 8 girls 7 boys now its 8 boys 7 girls. :(

spoke to LFS bout "Athena" and shes more then displeased this isnt the first time its happened in the last three shipments.

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