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Hi all

new to lismore, had bettas a while, currently have a 6 bay and a 20liter tank up and running.

20 litre tank:

Red female: Katniss

Blue large female: Eos

Blue small female: Asteria

green small female: Gaia

pale small female: Artemis

Bristle nose catfish: Jacques

Mystery Snail: Yoshi

Drift wood (sml) with anubis on it, plus one large Java fern and several small crypts

White/multi/pinkish VT: Casper

pale/mustard gas yellow Round tail: Aries

Black and white butterfly 2 ray CT: Einstein

Orange masked VT: Vin

Red and blue (short fin/round tail or PK): Hercules

Guppies: only two are named Mr Spotty and Mrs Spotty

*Currently have all guppies in QT as i purchased 8 last week and within a day of being in my tank the new 8 had fungus and then those plus the smaller ones began dying and becoming ill, i rang the lfs and complained they are refunding.

no issues before the new guppies came and i have 5 new ones (from 8) and 2 old ones (from 8-10) left in QT they seem to be doing okish.

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