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AusAqua Goes Public


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Hi guys, We have been really encouraged by the response to making parts of AusAqua available to guests. We have now made more forums available for public viewing ;) . As of now, non-members can view the posts made in the following forums and get to know our community a little better: * Introductions * Betta Splendens * Totally Wild * Spawn Talk * Betta Critique * Gene Pool * Breeder Profiles * The Community Tank * Aquatic plants and Aquascaping * Equipment and DIY * The Clinic * The Fishy Showroom * The Library * Cybermarket * Classifieds * Breeder Exchange * Auction Watch * The Coffee Shop * Events and Announcements. To view or post in the Lab you need to be a Snr Member, which many of you already are anyhow. To view or use the feedback forum, you just need to be a member.

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