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Hello from The Gold coast


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Hello everyone, my name is Drew.

Relatively new to the keeping of tropical fish, I have found the hobby very addictive! I started out with a small 40 litre tank that my son had out grown. Now I have progressed to a 135 litre tank.

Starting out with platys and mollies, I now have discus and apistogrammas! I adore cichilds! In the early days I had lost a few fish, running into problems with the tank and disease. I have never lost any discus! In the processes I have learned about so much but there is way more I need to learn.

I am sure that the friend I meet in these forums will help foster our common aim of looking after our wonderful aquatic friends!


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G'day Drew and welcome to the forum.

Sorry for the belated welcome, but it's been a long 3 to 5 days for many of us South East Queensland members with the Caboolture show on the weekend.

I love apistogramma, having kept and bred quite a few species. One of the largest apisto breeders I know of lives down the Coast along with a few other hobbyists who keep apistos and discus. However they all inhabit another forum, so you won't meet them here I'm afraid.

Do you use rain water at all in your set ups?

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