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Hello from Sydney!


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Hey guys!

My name is Alysha and im from Sydney. Have had fish for about 6 years now, and each year I get a bigger tank and different fish I have only gotten into aquascaping in the last year or so and LOVING IT!

This year - Im rescaping my AquaOne 980, and planning to stock neons, cardinals, rummy nose, guppies, long fin catfish and cherry shrimp amongst an array of differnt plants and planning on a carpet of HC.

I also have a 70Litre tank I am currently transforming into a dedicated shrimp tank comprising of marimo balls, different floating moss islands and a thick HC carpet

I am also just about to try my luck with Co2 for the first time

Always looking for new ideas, new inspiration, new shops and new plants!

At the moment im looking for:



*UpAqua Soil

*Shrimp Sand

Or other soil suitable for planted tank

★Co2 Kit★:

*Complete kit - needing 1Litre or bigger

★Transparent Lily Pipes★


Any type / colour aside from transparent cherries. Budget for shimp at the moment is only $15/shrimp - not alot I know, but this budget will grow in coming years.


AquaOne 850 (Black), AquaOne Horizon or Jewl / Jebo – with inbuilt filter and light

If anyone has ideas, advice or is selling any of the above, please PM me

Thanks for reading!

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Hi, I'm all new at this Internet forum stuff but I'm getting into it. Sounds like you have some exciting times ahead. I have been using CO2 with a computerized pH probe and been getting great results. The most difficult thing for me is finding the right dosage and mix for plant fertilizers. Iron seems to be my main issue.

Good luck!

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