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So new to it all I don't even have fish YET:)


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Hi all!

I grew up in Sweden with my parents having a massive tank ( my dad was a glacier & made it himself). I will always remember watching this beutiful underwater world with all it's neon tetras zooming around all those other colorful & generally stripy fish & a funny small eel with a mustach, offcourse this little creature was also stripy, now when I think about it my parents clearly had a fetish for stripy fish. I also had my very own Chinese fire salamanders, they where black with crazy orange bellies & also lived in the great big tank. Every single one was named Liqorish but with a different pronunciation & to be honest...I could never remember which Liqorish was which..

I'm now living in Melbourne & my daughter really loves animals (soooo original) & we started talking about getting a fish. In the conversations I always blankly refuse to have a goldfish so my husband suggested to get a Siamese fighting fish. But I NEVER heard of them before & how impressed did I get when I googled them!

The sheer beuty of this fish spurred me on & what started as innocently looking up RSPCA for advice on how to keep them happy it suddenly turned into everything I could get a hold of with tank cyckling, illnesses, food, plants that quickly led me to aquascaping & the eternal question of what size tank.... The list of my researches the last 2 weeks could go on & on. Then I found the victoriabetta website that suggested this forum & so far I really enjoyed taking part in all these stories & information you got. The community feel of the betta people just seems so sharing & friendly :lol:

So now I settled on getting a close to 30 litres Poseidon tank & probably set it up with some nice moss & an ambulia. I was originally only gonna get one regular sized betta but am now tossing up in between a small giant ( if I can find one) or a few females but of some reason I keep wanting a male..

As soon as I got it all set up (according to the many advices I found here, thanks guys) there will be photos.

So basically, I was gonna get a fish for my daughter & now I'm obsessed with a fish I don't even own..YET;)

Cheers! Emma

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Emma, You made it to the forum - Welcome!

I responded to your questions on the Vic Betta Facebook page, but it's probably best we look at your journey via this forum, you'll get so much more out of the whole community of betta keepers.

Where abouts in Victoria are you? There's a great fish shop in Richmond that I'd recommend visiting (infact there's two)

I'm just waiting to hear back form them about when the new shipment of Crowntails are coming in (they get the most amazing colours!) And I know they have some Blue halfmoon males in at the moment too.

There's a few people setting up tanks at the moment, so have a peek at the other introduction threads, there might be something helpful there too.

(: Welcome!


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Thanks Ness. This forum is gold worth!

I'm based in the west in Melbourne. I've seen there is coburg aquarium, what's the other one? Would be great if you could give a heads up when their new betta stock is coming in since we are after something colorful? :lol:

I been going through quite a few threads booth about setting up a new tank, illnesses etc but also drifted into old threads about Lilli & her fry.

It's all just really interesting & I am already wondering how I'm going to be able to keep it to only one...already thought that if I don't just get a few females I could actually divide the tank with some wire mech & moss since its so big (30L) & keep two males.. Always good to have the alternative just in case..

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I've got my people 'on the ground' keeping me up to date with new Betta that come into stock at Subscape Aquarium (.com) I know they have some blue halfmoons, but I was waiting for some colourful crowntails to tell you about.

They aren't in as yet - will let you know.

JHA is a user on this forum with some great fish too - particularly if you'f like a female sorority - but I would suggest starting with 1 or 2 males, there's something majestic about two boys flaring!



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