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Hi all, I'm Terry from the far south coast of Nsw, I've basically only been into Guppies but my partner and son are also into Betta's, we have 3 at the moment their names are Chaos, Canvas and we have got one for the female yet, but will soon, i am having success with the Guppies at breeding (easy) but I've got a lot of reading to do first before I even attempt breeding Betta's Hopefully next year but I will give it a go :D

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Hey Kindu,

Lots of helpful advice on here - I've gone the other way around and started breeding guppies after Betta! (you're right - SO MUCH FUN!)

Betta are a totally different ballgame, and if you enjoy watching fishy behaviour for hours, you're going to love these guys - grab a photobucket account and share the photos, we're gluts for pics.



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