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Hi- from Melbourne :)


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My name is Simon and I'm from Melbourne. I am very new to Betta keeping, I've only ever had one VT. I find them really interesting and can't wait to get fancy tail types in the future. I don't know a lot so am glad that I can read all of your experiences. I look forward to meeting you all :)

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Hey Simon,

It all begins with one little veil tail... I remember "angry" my first little maniac, I couldn't get over how amazing the colour could be on one little fish - and the attitude!

Now my numbers have blown out into the hundreds over the years - my how things change.

I'm now known as the crazy fish lady in my social circles... oops.

The ASV meets are great for general fishkeeping, but i'll also encourage you to visit one of our Vic betta days - there are only 4 meets a year, but we jam a LOT in on those days.

Have a poke around the forum, ask away - search away... enjoy

x Ness

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Thank you both for the warm welcome. I won't be able to attend tomorrow night, but will see how I go with the Vic Betta meet. That's on August 18? I'm looking forward to learning and reading some past experiences you've all had. Thanks again :)

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