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Hi guys,

Just recently got into betta fish breeding, and had been reading most of the contents in this forums, very helpful. Anyway I just want to introduce myself, My name is Adam and I live in SE Melbourne, nice to meets you all.

I can't seems to post in spawning betta section, so I will ask the question here. After conditioning it for the past 4 days, I put my male and female in the same tank today. For the first 6 hours, my male had been chasing and attacking my female, however the last 2 hours or so, my female is actually attacking my male back. Should I separate them? and recondition again later?

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Yes. Seperated immediately. Let them recover, lots of live food and try again. Did you use a chimney? Did both the fish show positive signs before you released them together?

Welcome to the forum. Now you are a member you will be able to post in other threads. There is a strong Betta group in melb (Vic bettas??) so I am sure they will help you.

Ps. We all love photos. :-)

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Thanks for the reply, and yes I have separated them. By 'chimney' do you mean having them in the same tanks, but put the female in a jar before releasing her into the tank with the male, then yes I did that for 2 days. orders 30 Indian almond leaves, will try again once I receive it.

I will sure to post lots of photo, if the spawn become success.

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Hey Adam,

Always a bit tricky navigating the courtship process, there's plenty of tips and tricks on this forum... you're also welcome to have a peek at my youtube channel (link in my signature under resources) that has some examples of spawning behavior.

There's a thread too showing courtship videos.

Bus's advice echo's what I would have said, you want to expose them enough that he's got a big nest, not too agro... and she's showing breeding bars, and is confident (not getting beaten up, running away ALL the time and is flirting under the nest)

Welcome to the forum!


(oh, and check out the facebook victoriabetta page, or our website) x

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