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tropheus duboisi


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A few weeks back i got an offer i couldn't refuse. A colony of Duboisi. i set up the tank about 9 hours ago....put them in just after i set the tank up. i know i know...but i had the filter that they were use to and put that onto the tank.......i went out for a drive with a few friends nd came back to a fry being gobbled up and spat out by his elders....i quickly race to get a net and put him into a external breeding hang on box...he was passed the egg sac stage and bloody hungry so i fed him some flakes the previous owner told me to feed the fry and he hasnt stopped eating... so i decided if this guy is being spat out i may aswell get his brothers out too ...so i stripped the female to get his 6 other siblings out all happy in the box eating......i'm sure theres another batch in the tank but i'm sure by the look of her mouth they arent ready yet i guess i'll wait to see spat fry pop up......




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