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  1. http://www.buzzpatrol.com/daaaw-owner-makes-lifejacket-for-pet-fish-called-einstein-who-cant-swim/ OMG so cute Simon
  2. at the moment they are in the community tank to grow up, i feed sera viformo, frozen brine shrimp, algae discs and sometimes bloodworms, blackworms. yes i will attempt to breed these when they put on some size. and i'll be getting more too when they become available. Simon
  3. Went to the LFS to buy live blackworms came home with no blackworms but 3 awesome orange laser cories. the two that were left were already on hold . Anyone seen any around? one of them Simon
  4. http://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/Macrobrachium_bullatum.html that? i wanted a few at one point. it does look tasty. Simon
  5. A few weeks back i got an offer i couldn't refuse. A colony of Duboisi. i set up the tank about 9 hours ago....put them in just after i set the tank up. i know i know...but i had the filter that they were use to and put that onto the tank.......i went out for a drive with a few friends nd came back to a fry being gobbled up and spat out by his elders....i quickly race to get a net and put him into a external breeding hang on box...he was passed the egg sac stage and bloody hungry so i fed him some flakes the previous owner told me to feed the fry and he hasnt stopped eating... so i decided if
  6. yes they are breeding i got 30+ growing up still got 3 berried girls Simon
  7. anyone interested in a Male macrostoma? $40

    1. MISSqueenmac


      Do u have a female? Instead

  8. i grew a ramshorn snail from a baby. like i considered squeezing him on the wall but i never though he would grow to his current size. like i thought i would get more out of the snails in my tank but only 1 got big...i like him he's unique. Simon
  9. are you running Co2? are you adding ferts? my crinum never grew due to lack of requirements. Simon
  10. Not yet but i'm still looking around for a good one or a small one. any ideas? Simon Hey paul, well thats the exact same thing i said when i first saw it too its a moving bed filter. mine is abit over filled i might need to take some out but first i'm looking for a flat bottomed bottle as this 2litre lipton ice tea dont work that great ....i got the idea from a guy on aquariumlife(Dean). Heres a video to explain it Simon
  11. rock with mini pellia on it shrimpies enjoying mulberry leaf full tank shot shrimpies enjoying IAL one of my S grades Simon
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