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Hi from Sydney! Planning planted tank adventures..

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Hey guys!

My name is Alysha and im from Sydney. Have had fish for about 6 years now, and each year I get a bigger tank and different fish :)

This year - Im rescaping my AquaOne 980, and stocking neons, cardinals, rummy nose, guppies, long fin catfish and cherry shrimp amongst an array of differnt plants and planning on a carpet of HM.

I also have a 70Litre tank I am currently transforming into a dedicated shrimp tank comprising of marimo balls, different floating moss islands and a thick HC carpet :)

I am also just about to try my luck with Co2 for the first time :)

Always looking for new ideas, new inspiration, new shops and new plants!

At the moment im after:



*UpAqua Soil

Or other soil suitable for planted tank

★Co2 Kit★:

*Complete kit - needing 1Litre or bigger

★Transparent Lily Pipes★

★Plants (All sizes)★:


*Willow moss

*Blanket Moss

*Assorted Green Swords

*Kleiner Bar Echinodorus Sword (RED)

*Downoi (Pogostemon Helferi)

*Flamingo (Cryptocoryne sp.)

*Rotala arcuata

*Red macrandra (Rotala macrandra)

Or other easy & low-medium light plants


Any type / colour aside from transparent cherries. Budget for shimp at the moment is only $15/shrimp - not alot I know, but this budget will grow in coming years.

If anyone has ideas, advice or is selling any of the above, please PM me :)

Thanks for reading!

Lysh xx

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