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Hi Everyone,

I am an absoulte novice when it comes to fisk keeping. My love for Betta Fish started in Oct 2011, when my sons Betta became ill. With lots of TLC and meds we were able to nurse him back to health and in that time not only did I learn alot about him I also fell in love with this beautiful little fish that captivated my heart. With the support and encouragement from my husband my little finned friend got a new home to live in. A 6g tank with heater, filter, light, live plants, caves to hide in and has a menu better than mine :D. Five months down the track and I wish I had gotten a bigger tank and my family are convinced that I'm totally obsessed :lol:

Luv your site!!!

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There are quite a few Melbournians on here (me included). I think you should post on the clinic ASAP. There are some really knowledgeable people on here and they'll be able to whip him into shape in no time ;)

Have you got any plans on getting more betta?

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More Bettas:blink: I'm not coping well with one!!! Plus I do everyones head in when his not well (even my LFS) :lol:

Best of luck to you and your little dude, be as descriptive as possible and we'll see if we can't help you out.

Welcome to the forum

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