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Took some shots of my Pseudomugil mellis or 'honey blue eye and guppy' tank this afternoon. They didn't like the light over them and the stupid guppy I can't catch kept bombing my shots. The tank is 23L and there is around 8-9 of them I think in there. Scaping isn't great as I just threw some rocks in and move stuff around routinely checking on the 2 killifish fry that are in there. However, the fish love it and the dominant males each have little territories they patrol.





Also a shot of my new set-up for some getrudae coming tomorrow. I will be planting a fair bit ofhairgrass in between the rocks on the right (there is aquasoil under the substrate) and the hydrilla should fill in fairly quickly. The quartz looking rock is only to hold my wood down.


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Yep. Had no problems with them. Rocks were dug out of this old gravel pit my grandparents have on their farm. I got all different sizes in my gertrudae tank and rolled them in using a clipboard so the placement looked more natural.

Once it gets to summer I will be leaving some big 150L tubs outside with sponge filters and trying to spawn some of my honeys, gertrudae and tenellus.

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