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Hey guys,

Just want to introduce myself! I am an avid betta breeder. Currently have 4 tanks with juvies, 100 beanie cases with males and a smaller spawn at the moment plus 6 tanks for my halfmoon males and a 3 foot sorority tank for my females. My fish are ready to be sold! if anyone wants to come take a look I have cambodian, dragons in halfmoon, delta and rosetails and a bunch of combtails :) I've just gotten back into this hobbie after 12 years and absolutely loving it :)

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Hi Anina,

You'll sell lots more if you can take good clear shots of them and pop them on the classifides - you basically need a photobucket account.

If you can sell interstate (postages averages around $12-20 for express post) you'll sell more too.... but you need to be able to package them up well.

I'd love to see what you have.

Welcome to the forum - nothing n00b about you madam!


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Thanks guys :)

Yeah i've had a sneaky look around since I've joined and it looks great! fantastic info and love the Betta critique page! I am slightly overwhelmed with how many fish i am currently looking after! all my males have been separated but there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything! That's great advice Ness, I plan on taking shots this wkend so I can start posting up proper pics of the fellas! cross fingers they pose nicely for me!

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The mongrels won't pose for you - be sure of that... but some good tips on shooting fish are around on the forum.

if they're in beanies I like to put one behind, your model in front - pop the macro setting on and shoot away (placing the lense right up against the beanie box to avoid reflection)

Best if you can avoid flash - it bounces off the back of the beanies/tanks... I suggest outdoors for natural lighting.

hot tips 101 - there's more around.


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Thanks ness! will be sure to post up some pics soon! Also with the classified section I can't seem to view where I can start a new thread? Fish are doing well! finally have my 94 betta barracks up and running, but it's outside and the temp here tonight is freezing for brissy! I have a heater in the sump but the water is definitely not warm! Hope they get through the night ok without being too cold the poor fish! great tips will be sure to try them out on the wkend :)

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