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Black Ghost Knife Fish Mouth Ulcers


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I am definitely an amateur, have had fish for about 25 years though. Moved from gold fish to koi, to angel fish to gourami now to discus and black ghost knife fish. My lovely black ghost knife fish laid eggs in November 10. Unfortunately no male fish in the tank so no babies. I now have another black ghost knife fish to keep her company but nothing happening as yet. I have three tanks all up one at work and two at home. The home tanks have black ghost knife fish and discus. The work tank has the black ghost knife fish and angel fish. Nice to become involved with a like minded group

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Hi Anna. I sympathise with your predicament but the etiquette on this forum is that you introduce yourself first before asking specific questions. I am approving your access because I understand that you're concerned about your sick fish. You would get a better response if you reposted your question in the Clinic forum (now that you have been granted access). Not everyone reads the Introductions forum. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about diseases will be able to answer your question in the Clinic forum.

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