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Ocean Nutrition Frozen Foods


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Just got told by my LFS they are going to stock Ocean Nutrition Frozen Foods....

They have FROZEN MOZZIE Larvae - black and white frozen mozzie larvae - not sure what the difference is.... Also little quintet packs with 5 different types of food - small bloodworms, large bloodworms, artemia, daphnia and mysis shrimp - great combo for people with a small number of fish or a community tank.

There's a whole range of other types too if you look up the www.oceannutrition.eu website.....

Worth checking out if you want some variety for your fish - my LFS said that their prices are pretty similar to the other brands he has stocked - some come in 100g blister packs (cubes) but some varieties can be bought in flat packs of 113g, 454g or 907g - will be interesting to see what savings there is on the flatpack foods.....

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