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Is this a fancy guppy


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I looked into getting some fancy guppies from someone lea at fish chick aquatics some time ago and one of the ones i liked the most was the blue & gold guppy. Anyhow i picked up a male guppy two days ago when i went to my LFS to get an ordinary male and some females and i think i may have scored a blu e and gold male.

Anyone care to give me their oppinion and feedback as i am not completely sure.

this is best pic for color



colors not great in this pic blue wise,


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I think this is a midnight blue, or metallic blue.

You can make "fancy" guppies from any LFS stock. It comes down to having a goal in mind when breeding, and being prepared to cull heavily (even if this means just giving your non-keep stock to a store.) It will take several generations. Plenty of time to research guppy genetics!

Work out what you want to produce. Select for the traits you like. For example: If you want to produce a guppy with a black body and red tail, look for fish showing this trait, with nice, clean demarkation between the black and red, and as vibrant colours as possible.

Have a look at some of the show standards so you know what shape to aim for.

In general, select for strong bodied fish with broad caudal and full tails. Look for even fins and even colour. Go for strong, healthy, active fish swimming and courting vigorously.


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Thank you for your r eply someone :) is very much appreciated. Am going on holiday to QLD in 2 weeks and is on my agenda to visit your store lol :), fiancee told me im allowed to spend $20 lmao on nothign living so i think i jsut be looking :D cant wait to see all your great stock

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