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Heyya, from perth :):)


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Heyyyaaa :) , I recently bought my first pair of fancy dragon halfmoon betta pair,i love them! so beautiful, my boyfriend had also given me his female crowntail (she is massive and pregnant) when i put the 3 fish i have into a barracks and the male started blowing the biggest bubble nests, so currently i have been putting him with each female seeing which he likes better, the small fancy dragon female he nipped her face, so i swapped the females and he doesnt attach the crowntail but doesnt seem too interested anymore, and i just bought a new pair of multicolour doubletail halfmoon bettas so i cant wait :)

thank you kiara

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Hi Kiara,

I assume this was the pair you mentioned in the other purple genetics thread? They're really lovely & you'll end up with nice coloured fry, just not sure about purple (google purple betta - you'll see it's an urban myth!) ....thusfar.

In terms of letting him decide on his partner, I appreciate the "natural selection approach" but have a good think about what you want out of the fry once they grow up - what sort of fish do you want to breed?

Give a moment to think about how you'll sell them or deal with them once they get bigger - Maybe look into that happens when you cross different tail types - and if the results are what you want to have a play with - go for it, but see if those mixed types are desirable for other buyers - it's not likely that you'll want to keep 20-100 betta yourself!

Certainly not trying to frighten you out of breeding them (I'd be interested in buying some HM Dragons!) and there's lots of interest in Betta in Perth, most of my sales go out in that direction!

Just good for you to know the difference between HMxHM or HMxCT

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it helpful!



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