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Hi every body, Im Bettatank from North Ca. in the US. I breed VT bettas back in the 90s when i was in grade school. after i was out of school i became a cook and spent years moving from place to place always folowing the work, sadly i could not keep fish at that time of my life. but now days im settling down and soon to be hitched, me and my love were at the pet store last month and she fell in love with a betta, she even wanted me to build her a bigger tank (I did, made her a 6g for her fish). wasnt long befor i was back at the pet store and i saw this little black Betta that they said was DT but i could tell was SDT, his cup was gross and made me want to hit the store clerk. i could not let the angry little betta die there, so i got him. Now with my womans help im going looking at getting back into breeding but im not looking to just make a fast cash id realy like to get into shows. (BTY I know that pet store stock is not good breeding stock, i have no intent of breeding the bettas we have from petco, but i well be getting breeders from a old freand of mine) well this post is to long as is so ill stop here. ty all for your time.

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Hey! I'm new to the forums as well, there is so much useful information on here and it is awesome to see people who share the same interest. I was at the pet store yesterday getting some apple snails to clean my grow out tank and I also found it hard to resist buying the poor bettas in the tiny cups and dirty water. However as cruel as it is, by buying the bettas from our pet store we are actually encouraging them. Bit of a predicament I find myself in everyone time I walk in haha. Good on you for saving the little black betta though :) you did the right thing, shame you can't just buy them all hahaha.

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