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New to DIY C02

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I am setting up my first DIY C02 for my new planted tank.

I have some Java Moss, Java Fern, Wendtii Crypt Red and Pogostemon Helferi. I have a LED light which said it was suitable for plants but I can't really measure its strength. As most of my plants are suited to reasonably low light I don't think this is the problem. According to the C02 chart thingy (where you measure the PH and KH to work out the C02) my C02 is very low, so low it is on the borderline of the chart and some of my plants are dying (I'm assuming the C02 is the problem). This is why I want to try DIY C02.

I've looked up heaps of designs and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing but I have a few questions that I haven't found definitive answers for on the net.

1. Should I leave the DIY C02 going when the lights are off (overnight)? I've read that taking it out can make PH fluctuate but leaving it in can let the C02 rise to dangerous levels for fish. Btw there will be 1 betta in this tank.

2. Can someone give me a guide for a yeast/sugar/bicarb recipe to make enough C02 for my 40 litre tank (I know this depends on a whole heap of things, but just an idea to start with would be great!)

I know these questions aren't black and white but opinions would be appreciated.


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