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hi there! from syd


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hey guys n girls,

been lurking for a good 2weeks finally had time to sign up and upload crappy phone pics!!Name is Hapz ..plakats caught my attention at first sight owned so many everysince i discovered them when i was about 10yrs old.Most of mines are giants but do have a couple of standard ones also have a beautiful aqua crowntail but sadly was torn up abit 2days ago when my female jumped into the divided tank next to her.This site has so much great info and friendly people.I have a couple of pics of my boys abit blurry for now still new to taking photos will get clear shots when i have more time,enjoy.Looking forward to meeting you guys.cheers!!




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hello there sarah,

it is a pleasure to be part of a friendly community,i recently bought a giant hmpk female for the blue/purple boy up there so in the middle of conditioning them.I definately want to breed the boy in the first pic he is my fav boy very aggressive and has a unique personality always jumps for food and tuggles around my fingers,i bond so well with my fishes hehe.Would love to purchase dragon plakats in the future they are just beautiful.

chheers haps

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