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HI.... New to the forum.


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Hi there,

I used to breed fighting fish many years ago in my teens and looking forward to reading and sharing information with you all. I'm located at Upper Mount Gravatt Brisbane south region. I will be looking to buy some breeding pairs soon so if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Welcome. Always great to have another local here.

If you don't know about LFS in Annerley, you soon will. Lol. Search someone 65 on YouTube. Another good supply is from Jim in Sydney (Jha) and he ships to your door. :-). He sells on here.

We also have a new club up and running here in Brissie so if you can come along to a meeting (& late night shopping spree after hours in Fishchicks) you would be more than welcome.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy the forum. They are all a friendly lot here. :-)

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Hi there Hazell, I am at the early stages of setting up a conditioning tank for my future female bettas. Im looking to breed HM's and CT's and maybe plakats. To be honest I'm quiet fussy when choosing my betta's :blush:. send me some pics and we could work something out when your ready :lol:

Busman, Thank you for the very warm welcome :D yes I've been looking at some older post on the forum and someone seems to pop up very often. I would be more than happy to attend the meetings and meet some new faces who share the same interest as me .. haha.

Looking forward to being a member Lol

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