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Hello :)


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Hello fish fans :D

My name is Achek Yule and i'm not new to having an aquarium, i've had a flower horn and a whole bunch of neon tetras in the past and of course a few bettas. However I haven't had an aquarium for years now, until that is, about 3 weeks ago when i visited a fish store in Malaysia. The owner had a whole bunch of betta's inside little plastic bags, most were beautiful but some were dreadfully beaten up, so i rescued a pair :) At first i thought i had rescued a veiltail male and a plakat female, but it turned out they were both males, the plakat just had all his fins chewed !!! not sure if he did it to himself or if he was put into a fight. But after a week or so they healed wonderfully, i got pictures below :D You can see in the first picture, the veiltails scales are still a bit scruffy and not tight near his gills, right above his ventral fins, but it is alot better then when i got him.

The first thing i did when i brought them home was learn how to heal them, then I looked up on how to bring them back to Brisbane with me, which is when i stumbled on someone's post on this forum titled "Importing from aquabid". It wasnt exactly what i was looking for but still, this forum was a great find :D

I did truly intend on bringing my new betta's to Brisbane with me :(, however my mother has grown found of them <_< ,

they are in capable hands :D

I intend on getting new betta's once i return to brisbane though, and am looking to venture into breeding and hopefully coming up with my own unique little betta's :)


I know there's a lot of pictures, but it took me a helluva long time, and people are going to see it. lol. The green plakat was a hard guy to snap, he's kinda camera shy.

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