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Hi there,

I am new to things and have a 5 month old 100L tank with an otto algae eater, three swordtail mollies, one black mollie and a yellow platy.

Looking to gain some advice and experience on adding more fish to my aquarium to hopefully make it community friendly :)

I also have an Eheim 2213 canister filter which has been connected to the tank for 2 months now.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Look forward to hearing your responses and advice :)

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Hey Jess, I'm Ness - nice to meetcha.

Sounds like you have a rather solid setup - I have a 2215 and completely love the eheim filtration - I do regular 20% fortnightly water changes - but I doubt the tank needs it (100lt too)

Get yourself a photobucket account so you can share photos (theres even an iPhone app for it) we're gluts for images.

Plenty of clever peeps on here to help - best of luck with the bub and the tank!


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Hi Jess,

Welcome to the forum.

Maybe look into some gouramis (pearl is my personal favourite - but they come in blues, yellows, whites, etc), rainbowfish (praecox, boesemani, pygmy are all nice and should be readily avaliable) and a school of tetra (rosy tetra, neon tetra, ember tetra, plenty of options with those guys). Probably better off making a specific thread for advice though. :)

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