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Hi Guys!


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Hey Guys!

Living in Sydney, and have years of experience breeding cichlids (Yellows, Blues, Frontosa) and every strain of bristlenoses.

Since moving into an apartment, have let the hobby go due to space limitations, although now looking to breed Betta, due to low space requirements, and because it gives me somethig to do! Have successfully bred Betta in the past, although didn't get right into it. Would love to join the forums and get to know other Australian breeders!


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Hey Tim,

Welcome to the forum. And good luck with the breeding. Though I wouldn't think Betta's are a low space breeding effort, once you get a spawn going and get to the jarring stage, they'll take over every surface you've got!!! And you'll love it. :lol:

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Hi Tim, welcome!

There's plenty of nerd-burger advice around these parts- this lot have gotten me out of plenty of trouble to-date.

Glad to have you, and provided you have around 1mt x 1.5 foot floor space... You might get away with a breeding program stacked to the roof!

(I love my industrial shelving) start small, think big- you'll be right!

My advice if your looking to breed would be making a real investment in your original stock, it takes 3-6 months to raise crap fish and show quality fish- might's well start with something worthwhile.


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