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New Sydney member.


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Evening everyone.

I have been a member here for a while just taken me a while to getting around to posting (call it laziness).

I'm a student studying in Sydney (originally from South Aus) and currently have 10 tanks set up with another 4 in the garage awaiting orders.

I kept a variety of things in the past mostly Salt water as it was easy to come by living in a marina and being able to catch a range of species on a daily basis.

My FW experience started with a Aqua-one tank with a range of tropical fish given to me by my parents as a bribe for moving to a catholic school.

When I moved to Sydney for Uni, I had to leave it behind which was devastating but alas I have made up for it now. I saw an aqua scaping competition photo real and was enthralled, deciding to give it a go so it meant I had to spend all of my spare cash (and a bit more).

I have hundreds of Endlers, 5 species of shrimp with plans to get more, a colony of albino and also normal bristlenose, A pair of peppermints, a pair of spotted Danio and a few odds and sods.

The next step I think is to get my current shrimp through to a next generation of breeders, get the BN to do their sexy dance (waiting for the weather to cool a bit) and expand into some Killi's.

I could probably type for hours but I think that's enough of an essay for the time being and look forward to learning some more on this forum.



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