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Hi there! :)


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Hi there,

I'm from Melbourne. I've got a 3 year old goldfish, who I got free from a shopping centre promotion. He is an adored family pet, his (I assume he is a he!) name is Elmo. Named by my daughter.

I've always had him in the fish bowl they gave us when we got him, it's only just come to my attention that he should be in a tank with a filter, and properly balanced water. Poor fish :( Lucky he has survived the 3 years so far.

I desperately need help diagnosing what I think may be a case of fin rot (or fin melt), and need to know where I can get medicines to treat him.

Looking forward to being approved for posting and getting some help!



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Hi Kim,

The easiest thing to do would be to find an aquarium or decent pet store in your area and go in there. I'd get some tetracycline or triple sulpha and use that to treat your fish. While you're there you can look at tanks. :lol:

And welcome to the forum! People here can help diagnose the problem with your fish but we'd need to see photos.

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