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G'day y'all from Sydney !


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Hi there,

I'm a newbie here. My physical location for now is in Sydney and nowadays I don't keep a lot of fish as I used to.

I used to breed betta and mainly I breed HMPK with a trial of making a CTHMPK which didn't go very far ... :(

Anyway I am now into a tropical fishes, especially South American cichlids. I am now trying to breed blue rams but they still have quite sometime to get ready.

I am also looking for anyone out there who has B.Macrostoma. I am tempted to breed this mouthbroader as my contribution to revive this beauty.

Guess that's all for now folks.

Talk to you guys soon.



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G'day Andrie.... welcome to AusAqua....

A few on here breed smaller cichlids - what species do you have?

As for macrostoma's ... there's a few on here with pairs and one person has fry now..... to get an imported pair your best price (that I've seen online) is from someone - aka FischChick Aquatics in Brisbane....

There are quite a few breeders of other wild type Bettas on here as well - I have patoti juvies available and others I know on here have spawns of various wild types to get you interested :)

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Hi Wayne,

Thank you for welcoming me to the forum.

I am currently keeping rams and Peruvian Altum Angel. At the moment trying to set up a new tank for Apistos ... another species that I am keen to breed .. :D

Yes I have bought some fishes from someone and keep checking on her site once in a while. :D

I've seen patoti but still not quite interested as to macrostoma but thanks for offering ... I will keep in mind that you have some in case I change my mind ... ;D

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