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update & pics


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ok so as of late ive been having issue after issue after issue.

ive lost a few fish lately my total loss to date is

Tamina female VT - died one week after buying. was sick to begin with-

Dastan Male VT - D had many issues, fungus popeye tumor etc

Caela one of adams dragon vt X black HM girls - abandoned ship....er tank

Lilly Female VT another ship jumper...er tank.

Scarlet one of adams dragon vt X black HM girls - had an "ulcer" recovered returned to tank wund reappeared and she passed on

Marshall male VT wasnt ooking great before the fin melt hit him won ted willy n barney, didnt make it

Melvin Male VT dropsy

B1&B2 snails died not sure why

Crash snail As above^ but also bad fin damage hence the name

B1&B2 small catfish one went MIA the other doa in tank after relanscape

Crush male endler MIA

Melvin had a swollen look to him and i immediatly qt'ed him due to the big tank is all the males sharing water.

i was putting won back in into his bay and putting melvin in the freshly clean qt tank when i noticed little Rayne (my yellow, one of adams dragon vt X black HM girls) had something wrong with her left pectorial fin i floated melvin and left rayne loose in the 2.5ish litre critter keeper (melvin was in a 600ml chineesse container shallow water to assist his surface breathing)

Thursday morning came and I did my rounds to find melvin deceased and very much pineconed (he had pineconed over the last two days)

Thursday 12:30pm found me at the lfs rooting through the new shipment.

I picked a male and a female (picking her up monday)

anyway on to pics: (only pics of males ill try getting more female pics next week)


the new guy Mushu is a CT but possibly half giant as he is HUGE! *ill try to measure him*



Now because Rayne is in QT shes now floating and Mushu is too much fish for those small containers hes got free reign

bad idea

they started flirting within minutes these two are thinking this is the introduction....sadly they are to stay disappointed

the flirting: (short video)

The Two Misbehaving

the bubble nest i woke up to:



and its now much thicker hes splitting his time between building and flirting.

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