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My Setup


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Hi Guys,

Ok its not fully finished, still a few more plants to add plus a light on the bottom barrack

These are the barracks i purchased of Yan...and with alot on annoying questions on my part and great guidance from Yan I have it running

Please give me ideas and feed back...

Also stay tuned for my TV tank to come very soon.....











Just added...Setup with lights on

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Hey Roc,

Not only is that a VERY handsome setup, I love the fact I can just about identify the breeders of each of those fish??!! Maybe??

Are they Adam's L'Orange Spawn and Bussi's Crowntails?

It's like the Australian Breeder showcase! - Brilliant

(love the little one in the Anubias)

Great job!

Can you describe how you're heating and filtering the lot?


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Looking GOOD! The fish look very happy. :)

Ness all the filter media is in the tank on the bottom shelf, aka the sump. There's also a heater in the end compartment of said sump so water is heated before being pumped back up into the tanks.

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Hi Guys,

lol Ness, I brought two fish of Adam but one died so the little guy you see poking his head out of the hair grass is the only fish I have gotten from breeders on here

The Black betta with blue in his tail is one of the 4 I got of Jha..... his super aggressive and XL for a crown tail

I have heaps of other fish in there but they don't stay still enough to take snaps off lol

The other guys are fish I have picked form LFS's...I do the whole stand there for ages watch, move a jar or two and watch again while my wife looks at me strangely or just says shes going to sit in the car...

Yan, Thanks for explaining, I would of just taken another pick and said that should explain it all....

Top row is reserved for my Giants....I have two "SUUUUUUPPPER GIANTS" and one apparently average sized giant lol...

Im not fussed on super or standard giant...there all big to me.......

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