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Update on my new tank


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Here's an update since I was inspired to set up my community tank again.

Initially had some trouble with dwarf gourami - they fought a lot then developed round patches of loss of scales on their head and side of body - not sure if this was secondary to fighting injuries, or an infection but I lost two despite treating them.

My cardinals also seemed to develop what appeared to be lymphocystis - they are still looking a little shabby, but are still active, eating and the lesions are healing.

On the other hand, my guppies are happily popping out fry - they seem to have formed a nursery in the hair grass, and I can never find them until they are big enough to venture out for a swim in the open areas. Consequently, I think my approach to raising the fry is somewhat Darwinian - I haven't managed to catch the females at the right time to put the fry in a saver.

I have recently added three new bristlenose - I'm not sure what gender they are, and I was curious to see if they would be interested in using the hole in my driftwood. I haven't seen bristlenose breed before, so I don't know how big they have to be - I am wondering if I should add another hidey hole and see what happens.

I'm still experimenting with plants to see what will thrive with the lighting I have. I'm still yet to settle on a plant arrangement so the planting is a bit haphazard (some plants have grown well, some haven't) - so this still needs some work.

Here are some pics - it isn't the full view - the left side of my tank is a bit boring at the moment. And my new catfish!



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I really like your tank. Well done. I am a big believer in finding what fish/plants work for you and with what you have/willing to do. Best part of this is your tank changes so many times and eventually you get to the point you have a well stocked tank that looks after itself. :-).

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