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OMG! Today's the day!


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After months of constant rounds of monitoring and water changes I finally get to turn my 2 overstocked community tanks into 1! We started with my son deciding he had to have fish...fair enough. He purchased a 38lt and proceeded to overstock. I bought a 70lt to ease the burden and split the fish from tank 1. Son then retaliated by buying MORE FISH!! :blink: Man of the House (MOTH) conceded we needed a bigger tank if I was ever to leave home again soooo....he said I could have a 4ft, went and got everything for me and set it up. I got had. <_< Kept looking at this 4ft MOTH had set up for me and thinking, hmmm, something doesn't look right... :o turns out its only 3ft. Not overstocked but it does mean I can't buy any more little friends :(( Still, now all cycled and it's time to take my babies from their lap pools and put 'em in their olympic!! :cheer: Cruel as it may sound I will now just have to hope like hell that any Guppy babies become Gourami tucker. Jo

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