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Hi Guys,

Just after Christmass my niece moves down to Canberra to live with her father for a year. I've tried for the last couple of years to get her interested in dwarf cichlids, etc, but to no avail. She has always liked Viel Tail Bettas, and I've finally relented and said that I will buy her a Betta setup for Christmass. As she will be driven down to Canberra, we have decided it will be better if she buys a Betta in Canberra, rather than take one by car down there.

So can anyone recommend a LFS that sell decent Bettas in Canberra. Whenever we visit Fishchicks, she looks all the Bettas over, mehs at the more expensive fancy types and returns to ohhing and ahhing at the cheap $8 to $12 viel tails. Favourite colours are the aquamarine, blue and green Bettas.

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