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Hi from Brisbane


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HI everyone just another fish enthusiast here, I currently have two tanks set up in my lounge room.

4foot is my cichlid tank and in it is: 2x Tanzanian Black Acaii (very rare), 2x Breeding pair maingano's ,Blue Zebra, 2x Sunset Peacocks, OB Peacock, 2x Electric yellows, 8x Convicts three which are pinky's, 2 blue peacocks, tangerine peacock, one common BN, one albino BN, 2x featherfin catfish, crimson tide, one strange yellow hybrid not sure what he is think its a peacock hybrid changes color from pearl white to shocking yellow his name is phsyco, electric blue peacock, one electric blue, one red peacock.

510 Aqua One tank: Neons, guppies, mini mollies, common BN, platties.

My future for the cichlid tank is going to change i want a tropical tank setup so will be getting rid of all my cichlids.

Well thats me thanks.

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