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Intro Post :)


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I'm from the far south coast of NSW, and am just starting with livebearers.

Previously my partner and I have kept both goldfish and Oscars and corydora successfully....UNTIL

I fell ill for a number of weeks and was unable to get out of bed, and all the fish died :'(

I was very upset and decided to do it all right this time, research etc etc

So after cycling my tanks over the last 6 weeks I have just bought some fish.

I have 1m 1f swordtail 2m 2f guppies 1m 1f platies

The big plan for the future is to get a couple more Oscars and breed the guppies to feed to the oscars... Im not really interested in showing them and don't think i have that amount of time to commit to my fish, but am very excited to be doing these new things!

Ive gone a bit overboard with the whole DIY and 'self sufficiency' sorta thing, and just yesterday received my Brine shrimp eggs, Im pretty sure two of my female guppies are pregnant so this will be fun! ive already made my hatchery, but am looking for a better way... i do not have a creative bone in my body so finding idea and materials has been difficult :)

anyway, thats me babbling on, i do often come up with some wuite creative and weird questions though!!!

thanks for reading,

novalie :)

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Hi Novalie :welcome:

sounds like you have little guppys everywhere soon enough.

Good luck with everything.

I can't wait to read some of those weird and creative questions!!! - i probably won't be able to answer them, there are plenty of people on here who are full of useful info!

whoops - forgot.... i love your name!!! lol

you have one - or want one?

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