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Hi Guys

This has happened a number of times now, so I thought I would post something about it.

When you receive an email telling you so-and-so has started a new private conversation with you, DON'T reply to it (as the email says: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL). Any such email reply does NOT go to the author of the private message you were notified of, it goes the AAQ forum email address, ie, all the mods and myself.

Please use the link provided in the notification email to reply to your correspondent.



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I'm confussed ... any chance of a screen dump to show us which is the wrong button and which is the right button (can't seem to find and button that tells me not to reply to this email)?


Edit - Don't worry, I get it now...the email we don't reply to is the one in our personal email box and the one we do reply to is from the messages page on the forum :blush:

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