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Ok, you need a host website like photobucket - http://photobucket.com/

Get an account with photobucket. It should have a step by step way of setting up an account. You have to choose your name that you want for example - tex321y or something like that, then get a password and you need to put in info like your email address etc.

When that is done and you have your photos on your computer, you will see a button on photobucket that says 'upload' click on that and it will ask you to browse through your pics and choose what pic you want to upload. It will put your photo in an album in your photobucket account so you can keep the photo there and use it when you need it. Just do one pic for now and see how you go.

Then - you might just see a smaal version of the picture, if so, then click on it. Then beside (or under) it will have 4 links that you can left click (I cant remember which link you have to copy but try them all one at a time and see what works), it will automaticaly copy the link you left click, then all you have to do is right click the mouse on the AusAqua post when you are typing it and it will show a box and you click paste. Either the pic or the link to the pic will be pasted. It wont show as a pic until you have finished typing out post.

I really hope that helps, if you need some more help please ask :)

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