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My new 2f Community Tank!


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Had this tank set up for a while and was undecided as to what to put in it. Had a pair of fighters in it and kicked them out today :blink: Was going to put the female bettas in it but they are happy in the tank the same size and are getting along fine with the guppies so I decided to get a new type of fish that I havnt kept before. I was going to try cichlids as I really liked them but the cichlids that were small enough for my tank would mean that they would be species only and are a bit agressive. I really love Gouramis and there is a local pet shop that sells them really cheap and they are an assorted dwarf type so I went with the Gouramis. I have 2 Dwarf flame, 2 Dwarf (blue/red?) Gourami, and 2 (silver?blue?with black stripe) Gourami :confused: If I can get a pic of them I will ask what they actually are called. Excuse my lack of knowledge on this type of fish. I have also got 2 Hocky Stick Tetras, 2 Neon Tetras and 2 Bristlenose catfish (also got another 2 bristlenose for the other tank :) I will be getting more Tetras when the Gouramis prove to me that they wont eat them :D I have just put the plants in any old place for the time being, same with the driftwood, until a decide on where to put everything. All seems to be going well, I'm not sure if any will breed as I dont know the sex of them and if they are male and female pairs. There is no fighting so far and I really am loving them!

Any suggestions are welcome! If you have any ideas on how I should set up my tank please let me know, its a bit of a blank canvas at the moment.

Also, any ideas on what to feed them? I have cichlid pallets that they have been enjoying, aswel as freeze dried blackworms and flakes.

Oh, I also have an indian almond leaf that they all love!

Pics didnt turn out to good but here they are -


Jane :bighug:

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Very nice tank Jane.... should have some good colour from your choice of fish there too....

If you want to 'dress' up your driftwood you could always tie on a bit of java fern or windelov or maybe an anubias or crypt.... the rush plants you have in there are not true aquatic plants so I personally don't go for them but there are lots of plants you can put in - just put the tall to the back/sides and maybe have the driftwood with a plant on it as a centrepiece.... a few smaller growing plants at the front and you'll have a great looking scaped tank there....

Re cichlids - you could have some apistos or rams in a tank that size, a pair of angels, plenty of other cichlids like some of the African shell dwellers would also provide some real entertainment with their antics, maybe a family of brichardi would work too in a smaller tank.... but you're right about potentially having to keep species tanks..... the smaller cichlids would be pretty much ok with a few other fish though....

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Thanks :) Yeah the rushes I knew about as I studied horticulture, they were a cheap instant greening purchase I must admit :)

I think I will stick with the Gouramis for now as I am loving the colours, but might consider a pair of blue rams? if I can get my hands on some. I dont want to over stock the tank though, but I do have good filtration, tank cycled and I do frequent water changes.

The plants and driftwood are going to stay as they are so I can put a bit of thought into how I want the tank to look. I think I want more of the water sprite looking stuff and then get some java fern and some banana lillies. I am having a bit of trouble finding the exact plants I want...

Would it be ok to put my male VT betta in with the selection of fish I have in there now? I guess I can find that out...

Cheers, Jane.

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The male VT should be ok in there but every now and then you get a nasty gourami so keep an eye on them - the tetras should be fine with him....

Blue Rams are great - one local fish shop here has some long fin Blue Rams and Gold Rams - they look fantastic (and share their tank with dwarf gouramis).....

Re the plants - that's part of the fun - deciding what you want and hunting down the plants you want to create the look you will be happy with.... banana lilly's are good but too many will block the light for the plants that don't have leaves floating on the water surface but then they are easily trimmed and kept under control..... java fern is good and doesn't need high amounts of light so could handle being under the umbrella of the banana lilly's....

Keep us updated with pics as you keep adding to your tank...

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