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Balloon Mollie had babies!


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I only purchased her on Tuesday afternoon and thought she was rather fat! On more reading and studying, I came to the conclusion that I had a pregnant girl on my hands. I went out yesterday and bought a breeding net. Just as well because when i got home from work she was buldging from her girly bits! :blink:

My son and I got to witness the amazing birth of around 16 or so babies. I think we have around 12 live ones. She passed a few eggs too which you can see in one of the photos.



Next was the mad scramble to the internet to figure out how to care for 12 fry! I have decided to leave them in the tank with Mum and another Mollie but provide lots of coverage. I will only keep the males I think and rehome the females. I can imagine that I would be over run with Mollies very quickly if I don't take action.

If you look closely, you can see some babies on the floor.


And this is the tank, that has been given as many hiding spots as possible.


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I had to siphon out about 6 dead babies yesterday. :( I had read that some more might die so I wasn't too surprised. I think I have about 6 babies left and as of today they have become so active. It's so adorable watching them swim around the tank. I can't believe how much they have grown in 48 hours! :o

Mum Mollie and the male (who I call the Dad, even though he isn't) have not tried to eat the babies at all. I'm keeping Mum and Dad well fed so maybe that is why they aren't showing any interest.

It's wonderful having the babies to watch. The kids are really loving it too.

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