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Satanoperca cf. leucosticta spawn


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My Leucos spawned tonight for the first time (WOOOT)

It almost didn't happen really but by chance it did. I have had 8 adult leucos all sharing a 4x18x18 and 2 of them have paired up and over the last few days showed signs of wanting to spawn. i thought they still had a few days before spawning but just in case i gave their tank a clean today and removed a huge piece of planted driftwood so i could put a divider in for the pair to have some privacy. Well that sounds easier than it was!

i knew which one the female was because her tube was down a fair bit so i had her sorted. next job was trying to find the exact male she was paired with because a few males where bidding for her attention. This meant 3 males had tubes slightly down. I picked the one i thought it was.... but i was wrong!

after a couple of hours and to my surprise the female started laying but the male wasn't interested. i looked on the other side of the divider and one particular male's tube was way down so i did the quick switch-aroony and swapped the males. The whole time the female was still laying. luckily the new male went straight to work so fingers crossed it is a successful spawn.

Here is the female spawning by herself:


and then with the right male:


Here are some of the other adult leucos... just random shots




I took a quick video of them spawning... just waiting for YouTube to clear it. i'll post it then.

fingers crossed they get it right!



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