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Hi I am new to this forum :)

I currently have a 60 litre fresh water aquarium. It has been up and running for about 6 mths now, with no major issues. It currently houses; 1 dwarf neon gourami, 2 BN catfish, 2 Hoplo catfish, 2 Pakistan Loaches(yoyo or reticulated) 2 keyhole cichlids 2 peppered cories 4 black skirt tetras 3 serpae tetra and 3 flame tetra. I have just recently purchased a 450 litre drilled tank. I will be running a 150 litre wet/dry filter(trickle or sump) and it will house Angelfish, plus I will be moving my BN, Keyholes, Loaches and Hoplos to their new big home :)umm not really sure what else to say.. I will post pics when I have some more free time :)

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