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Anybody know were i can get Guppy Bites in Toowoomba area?


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I'm new to the wonderful world of Aus.

Have managed to get small tank and some guppies.

I've used HBH Guppy bites in my home country, and found it to be excellent.

Can anybody advise whom may stock it in the Toowoomba/ Queensland area.

Any other suggestions of great Guppy food greatly appreciated.

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Hi Joho

Welcom to Ausaqua. I have a couple of guppies that have just had babies but I feed them the same food as I feed my Bettas Sera Vipan flakes for colour & Vipagran granules. The babies are getting Vipagran Baby. They're all ok but I don't know whether I'm doing the right thing or not. I live on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane so as to where to get special food in Toowoomba is concerned I'm not sure but there are so many helpful people in this organisation I'm sure someone will be able to help. Best of luck.

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I just use flakes for my guppy tank - they tear them apart easily - ravenous monsters at feeding time! But mine are just pet shop guppies not quality pure strains....

the only guppy bites I know of are from an online shop (Hikari brand) but might be worthwhile checking out LFS - Jodie-Lea has some great guppies so would guess she might have some quality food for them as well....

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