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Hi from Melbourne


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Hi everyone, I'm rather into my fish at the moment and sick of not having friends whose eyes don't glaze over if I start talking about my fishy friends so I thought I'd register on AusAqua and hopefully get to know a few like-minded Aussies. I've a 4' community tank which is moderately planted at the moment, it's been up and running for about 5 years now however I re-vamped it recently and am waiting for new varieties of plants to establish themselves. I'm partial to Betta's, Black Ghost Knifes, and more recently the Blind Cave Tetra which I find fascinating in a 'what's wrong with weird?' kinda way. I live in Knox which is part of the ever growing Melbourne surrounds and just love it here. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Cheers! Tracey

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Thanks for your welcome Goody, to answer your questions, yes I have a blue girl in my tank who I've named Bella (coz she's beautiful ). I've had her for just over two weeks, I just couldn't keep leaving her at the LFS. I'd intended to wait till they had a group of them come in and adopt 3 or 4 as I've read they're more likely to get along if you buy them all in the same batch, don't know if it's true or not but I thought I'd give it a go. She's doing really well, I thought she was getting egg bound but came home from work tonight and she's obviously shed a fair number of eggs. PHEW!! I've had varied success over the years with keeping both male and female Betta's in the community tank, so far so good with Bella.

Pics...yeah...well....ummmmm......I can't find the cable I need and never seem to get around to buying a new one...

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Hi there,

I am in Melbourne as well, but am relatively new to fish. Started with two spur of the moment betta at a market and now have a 6ix foot tank, which is in process of being set up to hold ten boys and a harem of girls, a couple of dwarf gourami, neons and bristlenoses. ATM most of my fish are in a three foot and several other small tanks, but I really want to set up the big tank with proper aquascaping. I now have lots of plants and just need a bit of time to put it all together.

My kids are threatening me with parental divorce ;) if I buy one more tank (sssshhhhhhh ... dont tell them but I just bought a six tank barrack on Ebay, which is going to be kinda of hard to sneak in unnoticed ... MWHAHAHAHA),


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Hi Bec,

Funnily enough I started in a similar fashion! A spur of the moment purchase led rather quickly to a 4" tank! I love the idea of your 6 footer, would love to see some pics of it when it's done?? (hint hint) I've managed to get a bit carried away and have overstocked my community tank so am currently kept busy with extra water changes, serves myself right! I bought a beautiful big bowl which holds about 30lt, the plan is for that to be a Betta bowl for a gorgeous blue and white crowntail I purchased a while ago. Unfortunately the DIY canister filter I've attempted doesn't work so it's back to the drawing board... busy busy busy. I'd like to breed him with a gorgeous blue female crowntail I have one of these days, I think they'd have gorgeous babies. Oh! While waiting for his new home to be ready my boy's living in a floating bowl in the community tank. He seems rather content despite the lack of a bubble nest.



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